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Why have I been charged a transaction fee by my bank?

Some Credit Card issuers charge a transaction fee for charity lotteries or raffles. Here is why and how to resolve it.

Charity raffles and lotteries are classed as gambling, and - as such - are subject to similar regulations as online poker or bingo. Unfortunately, this means that if a card issuer charges a transaction fee for gambling it will also be applied when making a credit card transaction for a charity raffle or lottery. It is important to note that this fee is applied by the card issuer, and does not benefit the charity or ourselves (as their online service provider) in any way. We always display a warning on the site when credit card is the chosen method of payment, and suggest that players use a debit card if they are in doubt.

Please note that debit card transactions are not subject to this fee, so you may wish to consider choosing this as your method of payment for charity raffles and lotteries in future. Also, many credit card issuers do not apply these fees, so it may be worth reviewing the T&Cs supplied by your bank. Your card issuer may offer you a refund if you explain the nature of the transaction; we agree that it is indefensible to subject charitable raffle donations to the same charges as online casinos.

If you wish to change your payment method, get in touch with us at support@zaffo.com - we will cancel your current Credit Card payment and you will need to sign up again using an alternate payment method.